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I'm stuck somewhere between I need to save money and you only live once zipper pouch


We are running a fun special through the end of April, to help share a little joy in this crazy time!  Buy one towel or zipper pouch for you, and we'll ship one to your bestie (or neighbor, mom, babysitter, teacher, coworker, daughter etc..) for FREE!  #socialdistancing :)

How it works:

1) Add the towel (or zipper pouch) you want FOR YOURSELF to your cart. (You can pick from any of the styles on our site.)

2) On that same page, in the box that says, "Please leave special instructions below:" type in the name of the towel (or zipper pouch) you want us to ship to your friend, along with their name and address and any special note you want us to include. (Again, you can pick from any of the styles on our site and it can be different than the one you picked for yourself!)

3.) Click the "Check Out" button.

4.) Enter YOUR name and shipping information in the shipping fields, and pay for your one towel.

5.) You're done! We'll get your towel in the mail to you, and the one you chose for your friend in the mail to them, and you just made someone's day! 

US orders only please.  Want to ship free towels to each of your 5 (or 6, or 7...) besties?!  We're totally down with that! Please just be sure to buy one towel for you for every towel we're shipping for free. Also, You'll need to let us know in that "Please leave special instructions below:" box at checkout, which friend is getting which towel, and all of their names and addresses. Shipping is $2.99 per address, and will be calculated at checkout.

If you just want a bunch of items to ship to one address, instead of your friend's houses, please shoot us an email and we'll give you a coupon code for $5 flat rate shipping. 

They're made of 100% cotton, with a YKK zipper, and at 7.5" wide by 6" tall, they're the perfect size to throw in your bag!

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